Beat Leasing | Options with Cacci Beats

Beat Leasing | Options with Cacci Beats

Jul 17, 2021

I take pride is offering recording artists and others an excellent selection of beat options. My beats are well-crafted additions to a vocal or audio project.

I offer high quality beats along with various options that customers can choose from to help enhance their tracks!

Cacci's Beat Leases

I try to keep my beat leasing system pretty simple.

Customers can choose a particular set of beats with a certain set of uses in an "on demand" model to bring you exactly what you need. Instead of paying for blanket rights to a broad catalog, I've made these particular packages to help my customers save time and money.

Exclusive Beats

A great option is to pay a lump sum for an exclusive beat that will be yours exclusively.

If you want full rights to be the only one using a particular beat and prevent copycat songs, this is the way to go! The exclusive beats become proprietary property of the customer. This is important when customers want to produce original content. An exclusive beat is a safeguard when it comes to ensuring proprietary results. I like to work closely with artists to make sure they get what they need.

Free Beats

I also offer free beats for those that don't want to get lost in the cost or complexity of a beat lease or purchase contract.

This can be very useful for artists who just need a vibe of some sort or just some music for an informational project. This can serve as a "try it before you buy it" as well. Test the beat out, make a song with it, and see if you like it before pulling money out of your wallet. If you make a hit - great! If not, no sweat.


You can find out more info about my beat leases on my website that shows how dedicated I am to supporting recording artists with high-quality beats. Even with the digital landscape music is in today, along with how accessible beats are these days - quality still counts. Without a solid beat and a good melody, getting great results can be frustrating. Come on over to Cacci Beats and see what I have to offer and get a better idea of how this unique service works.